3 December, 2022

Najib Bukele winner of the presidential declares in El Salvador

By Carmen Rodriguez

n watch, GANA candidate, dicidentes party formed by members of right-wing party, He stepped forward to declare next president of El Salvador, after learning the first presidential trends this Sunday.

Shortly before 10 of the night, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Bukele confirmed that it had obtained the most votes in the country. That is to say 1,127,559 votes, versus 672,906 ARENA and 296,117 FMLN, the two major parties.

“Today we won in the first round and made history. We have added more votes than ARENA and the FMLN together and we had the unanimous support throughout the country, we have gained throughout El Salvador and have turned the page of the postwar period”, Bukele said in his speech.

Meanwhile, the candidate for the ruling party FMLN, accepted defeat and said that since “the trench” it is needed, will continue to fight because programs that benefit the population continue.

The candidate of the rightist ARENA, Carlos Calleja, He recognized the triumph of Bukele. “We recognize the triumph of Mr. Bukele and we will call you to congratulate. I will return to my trench, working on my business and my foundation to contribute to economic and social development of the country”, He said.

In addition to the major parties, US Ambassador in the Central American country, Jean Manes, he joined the recognition of the victory of Bukele. The diplomat said his country is willing to continue working “hand with El Salvador” and he said they are also willing to work on the transition government.