n watch, the "only" candidate in El Salvador's electoral campaign

By Luis Alberto López

In El Salvador, the electoral campaign began legally with a view to the elections of the 2021 for Deputies and Municipal Councils, without being an applicant, President Nayib Bukele participates almost as the "sole candidate" of the ruling party and its ally.

Taking advantage of the high popularity of the president, according to opinion polls, little or no political parties promote their candidates, take refuge in the image of the president to win followers with the flag, despite the fact that the faces will appear on the ballot papers.

The party WINS, for which he became president and the New Ideas party of which he is promoter, organically and emotionally linked Nayib Bukele, they have a confused battle for the recognition of the identity of their emblems, the cyan flag with the swallow and the flag with the capital N that mutated, as part of the negotiation with GANA in the last momentum of the presidential race in 2018.

They both bet not only on color, but also in the shadow of President Bukele to win votes without greater scrutiny of the candidates from many voters.

At the end of the electoral process, the citizens who will favor both parties with their vote, they might be surprised if they voted for someone they didn't know, to press the button unconditionally, to give up autonomy without local criteria and join the great unknown project.

We will return to the surprises of 40 years ago, voters voted by flag without knowing who they elected, surprises appeared at the beginning of the legislature and municipal government ...