30 January, 2023

Born the Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs Salvadorians Abroad (Apes)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

On the occasion of the celebrations of the month of the Independence of El Salvador, born in Panama City, the Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs Salvadorians Abroad (Apes).

APESE is a non-profit international organization, professional and caring, based on respect for ethical and moral values, apolitical and without creed, whose main purpose is to create a bond of solidarity between Salvadoran professionals and businessmen in all parts of the world.

"The entity seeks to be a benchmark for professional men and women and businessmen, becoming an organization with international prestige”, detailed David Hernandez, President of APESE.

Hernández also stated that the organization will provide, through its solidarity committee, helps people and institutions from different countries where its members reside.

The new association will also have other committees that will execute programs in the corporate field and immigration issues.

According to the president of APESE, Salvadorans should be proud of the representation of professionals that we have in the great diaspora around the world. From prestigious doctors, art specialists, senior executives and directors of international organizations, they will become a new face of Salvadorans abroad.

"We want to become an association that shows the positive face of the Salvadoran community and especially of professionals and businessmen residing abroad", said the president of the organization.

The association will be open to Salvadoran professionals and businessmen residing on the five continents, who can register voluntarily.

“Our professionals and businessmen are a source of pride for our organization and for El Salvador., so we will try to boost the image of our country through them”, Hernandez finished.