11 August, 2022

Baby born with coronavirus in China

The coronavirus continues to advance. Chinese doctors reported the birth of the first baby infected with the virus. The diagnosis was confirmed 30 hours after an infected woman with the disease gave birth to her son.

The newborn was receiving at a hospital in Wuhan, Chinese city where the outbreak of the virus originated already claimed the lives of 490 people and has other 24,500 infected.

With the birth of the baby, Doctors fear that further confirm that the disease is transmitted from pregnant women to fetuses that develop in utero.

further, the authorities are to confirm that the virus is transmitted in human fecal eses. At the moment it is known that the outbreak of the virus occurred in the city of Wuhan and spread by eating meat of some exotic animals.

Last week, World Health Organization, international emergency declared because of the rapidity with which the virus has spread to several countries in the world.