11 August, 2022

Fines and imprisonment for parents who do not take their children to school in Spain

By Dennis Aguillón

The Organic Law of Education in Spain establishes that children must be in school among the 6 and the 16 years, except student illness, traveling life or residence abroad.

For all families whose children range from ages 6 to the 16 years yes there is mandatory, those parents who decide that their children will not attend class, Yes, they could have legal problems when the truancy protocol is activated.

Not taking children to school can lead to penalties 3 a 6 months in prison for parents or fine, según explica Legálitas. (Spanish Company, leader in legal advice).

Education is not compulsory until 6 years, so before that age, legally, a minor does not have to be registered.

Within the law there are exceptions to homeschooling children, in many countries of the world it exists and is legal the “homeschooling” modality, however, in Spain it is not, with which current legislation establishes that education must be exercised in approved centers, being mandatory until 16 years.