26 November, 2022

Women were the most violated in the last year, according to the FBI

By Maria T. Morales

A report on crimes during 2019, published this week, of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for its acronym in English, shows that of the total 8 millions 116 thousand 949 registered victims, a little more than half were women.

The figure indicates that the 51% of the victims were women and 48.2% mens, as illustrated through the National Notification System of Incidents (NIBRS), for its acronym in English.

About offenders, the authorities reported a total of about 6 millions 543 thousand 257 known offenders, which indicates that some aspect of the suspect such as age was known, gender or race.

Of these offenders, the 38.4% had between 16 Y 30 years, According to the official report.

By gender, most criminals (61.7%) they were men, and the 25.4% women.

By race, more than a half (51.9%) of offenders were white, the 29.5% black or african american, and the 2.2 of other races.

On the victim-offender relationship, The report details that kinship details were captured from 1 million 888 thousand 491 victims of crimes against persons.

The report indicates that the 50.4% of victims knew their assailants or assailant, but they did not have a family relationship with them.

The number of detainees, according to the report, It is 3 millions 931 thousand 924.

The distribution by type of crime shows that the 59.6% were committed against property; a 15.8% against society and the 24.6% against people.

Among the most reported crimes are theft, aggression, drug and narcotic crimes, according to the report.