Woman killed her daughter 10 years in Spain with antidepressants

Ilustrative Photo: Pixabay.
By Dennis Aguillón

A woman with mental health problems, He killed his daughter 10 years in the province of Girona, Spain.

As they reported by the Spanish authorities, the woman, First, dissolved 80 Antidepressant pills for the child's take. After, when her daughter fell asleep, mother drowned her in the bathtub of the house.

Official information, further discloses that after the fact, woman contacted a journalist friend I had and some neighbors to tell them what had happened.

When paramedics arrived at the house, the girl was still alive and was taken to the hospital in critical condition and hours later, doctors announced his death, authorities said.

Mother, He was taken to the police station where he confessed to killing his daughter. Although the woman has no history of domestic violence, It has a history psychiatric from 2013 plus, It was admitted for mental health problems several times in a hospital.