dead, missing and destruction leaves hurricane Iota in Nicaragua

Destruction after Hurricane Iota in Nicaragua. Photo: Courtesy el19digital.

By Iván Castro

MANAGUA - The powerful hurricane Iota, declined to tropical depression, prepares to leave Central America leaving behind dead and destruction, mainly Nicaragua where 16 people died and others 10 They are missing.

Vice President Rosario Murillo, wife of President Daniel Ortega, said Wednesday at noon that “they are 16 deceased people, Unfortunately". Among the dead in the currents, mudslides and floods there were two minors and two other children missing, the Nicaraguan authorities said.

He said that the deceased were reported in various parts of the country and some of them because they came from shelters, others who did not want to leave risk areas. "We have to accept this situation with Christian resignation… And continue working so that risk awareness continues to grow ", said Murillo who explained that various government units are dedicated to cleaning debris, clean streets and restore energy services in affected areas and potable water.

Material losses due to the passage of hurricane Iota. Photo: Courtesy el19digital.

Of the 10 three missing persons resided in Santa Teresa, Carazo department, to the south and seven in Tuma la Dalia, Matagalpa, to the north, added official reports.

The authorities of the Attention System, Disaster Mitigation and Prevention (Sinapred) they lodged in shelters some 50.000 people, nail 40.000 evacuated in the northern Caribbean in communities surrounding Bilwi, Miskito name of Puerto Cabezas and the rest in Siuna, Rosita and Bonanza that form the so-called Mining Triangle. As well as others affected in Matagalpa, Jinotega and Nueva Segovia to the north.

The hurricane, the 31 in an intense season that exceeds 28 of 2005, made landfall on Monday night in that area of ​​the Nicaraguan Caribbean with category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale causing serious damage.

High tide in the Nicaraguan country due to hurricane Iota. Photo: Courtesy el19digital.

The first images released by the site show the devastation of the Caribbean of Nicaragua due to the cyclone that caused the evacuation of at least 40.000 people from that area in which large communities were cut off and without electricity.

Since there is a historical count, it is the first time that a hurricane with this intensity has affected the Central American region and almost in the same place where it does. 15 days Hurricane Eta entered, that caused dozens of deaths and thousands of victims mainly in Honduras and Guatemala.

Floods were also recorded in the capital Managua and an area of ​​the Pacific due to heavy rains. Sandinista television showed flooded homes in the department of Rivas, south of Managua and also videos of Internet users showed damage to homes and the fall of some of them in the department of Matagalpa, north of the country.

Nicaraguan pier destroyed by hurricane Iota. Photo: Courtesy el19digital.