Vanessa Guillén's death raises her voice against abuses in US military ranks.

Fort Hood militar base, the largest in the american union, with the capacity to house 900 thousand people are in the eye of the hurricane and the fight to achieve its closure is just beginning.

By Maria T. Morales

Houston, Texas. Last 22 of April, the young soldier Vanessa Guillén, disappeared from the Fort Hood military base in the town of Killeen, Texas.

His remains were found 70 days after his disappearance, And until that moment, everything indicates that his executioner was one of his own companions, identified as Aaron David Robinson.

Robinson, who took his own life when he was cornered by the authorities, he had the help of his girlfriend, Cecily Aguilar, of 22 years, that today faces the probability of passing, at least 25 years in prison.

Charged with conspiring to hide evidence of a homicide, according to details of the investigations that are directed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by acronyms in English and local authorities of the state of Texas.

Near the place, where her vocation as a soldier had taken her, just a few months ago, his body was found covered with dirt and cement near the León River, to some 30 millas of fort hood.

The soldier and his "perfect crime"

Despite the fact that his executioner tried to erase, even the smallest clue, and that, after mutilating his body he also tried to burn it; her remains now serve as proof of the vexations the young woman was able to face, in the silence of the four walls of the regiment.

His mother, Gloria Guillén, told the media that his daughter told him that she was being the victim of sexual harassment within the regiment.

Unlike, his superiors denied that the disappearance was related to sexual harassment, And until that moment, they say they have not found any evidence that Vanessa was the victim of any type of violence within the military garrison.

But, human rights organizations, especially in texas, They predict that Vanessa's death would pay in fertile land for women who have suffered or suffer any type of abuse in the Armed Forces, do not be afraid and break the silence.

In fact, the #I am Vanessa Guillén campaign, It has become the way for military women to take courage and denounce any abuse from inside military bases.

Thousands of people, own and unknown, they have shouted to heaven and demand justice for a crime that should never have happened.

A few days after Vanessa receives a Christian burial, en Natal Houston, where they have already cried her, thousands dedicate songs to him, prayers and prayers for the rest of your soul.

The young, who had enlisted in June 2018, has become the center of the fight to make Fort Hood disappear.

Through the justice movement for Vanessa, have requested an independent investigation to be directed and administered by the United States Congress.

The victim's family has the support of a lawyer, of congressmen and local authorities, Who, as well as community members, they wonder how could a crime happen on a military base, without anyone having seen or heard anything?

Answers to this and other questions surrounding the case will continue to await; The authorities allege that an ongoing investigation limits them to share or give Any type of information.