Two Salvadorans die in the US. poisoned with gas in their own home another is hospitalized

The Salvadoran community in the DMV area started a campaign on social networks to raise funds and defray funeral expenses and return the bodies of compatriots to Cuzcatlecas lands.. Photo: Courtesy.

By Danilo García

U.S – Prince George’s County Police Authorities, Maryland confirmed the death by carbon monoxide poisoning of Carlos Ramón Carranza de 31 years and his brother Luis Eduardo Carranza of 27 years, while Lisandro Carranza, of 20 year-old cousin of the other two victims is hospitalized in serious condition.

According to preliminary investigations, the three relatives got intoxicated while they slept, through a phone call from a neighbor who alerted the fire units, They arrived on Tuesday afternoon at the house located on the block 1400 South de la Springfield Rd. MD, where they found two corpses. The third victim was found in a state of agony and was taken to the hospital after several attempts to stabilize him..

On the facts, a relative of the now deceased, He said that due to the recent snowfall that hit the Washington DC area, Maryland y Virginia (DMV), some trees fell in the area where the three Salvadorans lived, and after staying for more than 24 hours without power, the young people would have chosen to use a heat generator to avoid continuing to suffer from the freezing cold temperatures.

Initially the generator would have been installed outside the house, but due to the noise it produced, and for not disturbing the neighbors, the now deceased, they decided to introduce the device to the house, which over time would become a death trap for them due to the accumulation of carbon monoxide, confirmed the police spokesman.

According to the authorities, Carlos Carranza made his last call at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, and I would have talked to a friend. Later it is believed that they decided to rest for a moment and fell asleep. Then the victims would not have perceived the emanation of carbon monoxide produced by the generator, which ended their lives and keeps one in critical condition.

It is estimated that the victims died between 3:00 p.m. Y 4:00 p.m. Tuesday. Authorities said the generator was found on when they arrived at the home.. Salvadorans are originally from the municipality of San Alejo, department of La Unión.

The Salvadoran community in the DMV area began a campaign on social networks to raise funds for funeral expenses and return the bodies of compatriots to Cuzcatlecas lands and they are giving them support and prayers so that Lisandro, the hospitalized young man recovers.