17 August, 2022

Rector of USAM Dr dies. César Augusto Calderón Flores

Dr. César Augusto Calderón Flores. (Q.E.P.D.)
By Milagro Orellana and Anayansi Rivas

The rector of the Salvadoran University Alberto Masferrer (USE) Dr. César Augusto Calderón Flores, passed away this tuesday 01 of June, this was spread by the university authorities on their social networks: “With deep sorrow, he informs the educational community of the death of our dear rector Dr.. César Augusto Calderón Flores. We express our condolences to their families and we offer prayers to the Creator to offer them resignation and Peace in this irreparable loss.. Rest in peace, thanks for his teachings, love and special moments in our lives”, reads the obituary published on the university's social networks.

The doctor. Calderón to his 82 years he served as the highest authority of the USAM, who leaves a great legacy to Salvadoran society, Among his achievements to be highlighted are: Last December, the Legislative Assembly awarded him an honorary distinction as the Most Merited Son of El Salvador, for their contributions to Salvadoran higher education and their faithful commitment to participate in different organizations in search of social welfare.

At 2014 The doctor. Calderón was appointed as an honorary member of the Salvadoran Academy and received an honorary doctorate from the USAM..

He is also the author of the book “Litter” and recently, last 28 April presented the book entitled “Words II”, among other writings.

The resume of Dr. Calderón was made up of a wide range of titles, including a doctorate in Jurisprudence and Social Sciences, he was a lawyer and notary, He also studied Business Administration and Business Management.

The doctor. Calderón directed the USAM as rector from the 2004 till the date, among other professional participations stand out: Academic Council of the Specialized Institute of Higher Level School, member of the Board of Directors of the Salvadoran Red Cross and honorary member of the Rotary Club of San Salvador del 2011 To the date.

Similarly, he was a professor at the University of El Salvador, teaching classes on Labor and Constitutional Legislation, was a member of the National Council of the Judiciary, legal advisor to the International Development Agency (AID), member of the Board of Directors of Ex-ANTEL and of the governing board of ANDA, Advisor to the Ministry of the Interior and collaborator of the Scout Movement in El Salvador, without a doubt Dr.. Calderón leaves a great legacy and contribution to higher education in the country.

Photo: Courtesy Taken from the Facebook network of a Salvadoran University Alberto Masferrer (USE).

Voice of Diaspora, feels highly dismayed after hearing the news of the death of the rector of the Salvadoran University Alberto Masferrer, Dr. César Augusto Calderón Flores, since in the month of March our vice president Licda. Milagro Orellana visited the study house where she held a meeting with the high university authorities to initiate an Interinstitutional Cooperation agreement..

Dr. César Augusto Calderón Flores (Q.D.D.G.) and the vice president Licda. Milagro Orellana signed the Golden Book as a distinguished member representing the International News Agency Voice of the Diaspora.
Photo VD: First face-to-face meeting with Dr.. Calderón and Licda. Milagro Orellana.

A virtual meeting was recently held to consolidate the terms under which the aforementioned agreement would be worked on and held by the Alberto Masferrer Salvadoran University, represented by its rector Dr. César Augusto Calderón Flores and the vice-rector Licda. Daysi Carolina M. de Gómez along with the members of the board of directors of the International News Agency Voice of the Diaspora.

Authorities of the Salvadoran University Alberto Masferrer (USE), virtual meeting with the Board of Directors of the Voice of the Diaspora.

As Voice of the Diaspora, we deeply regret the irreparable loss of Rector Calderón, who opened the doors of the university to us in order to contribute to educational training and continue training professionals in different branches of education.“Rest in Peace Dr. Calderon.