Son dies Salvadoran president Alfredo Cristiani

By Yaneth Estrada

The son of former President Alfredo Cristiani of El Salvador, Javier Christians, of 35 year old, a renowned architect and sportsman, He died Saturday morning, run while transiting the area Quetzaltepeque, north of San Salvador.

according to reports, the young with other cyclists traveling along that road, They struck between them, Javier falling down a van.

It was confirmed that the biker articulated vehicle is Abner Herrera, Guatemalan nationality.

"I have no words, fathering, to express how much I regret the loss of Javier Cristiani, son of Don Fredi. No more than a Christian resignation to this fact so painful ", said Gustavo Lopez Davis, member and founder of ARENA.

As well, GANA party lamented the death of Javier Cristiani, son of former president. "We send our deepest condolences to the family apesarada Llach Cristiani", said the statement.