Monsignor Ricardo Urioste left a great void in the Salvadoran Catholic Church

Monsignor Ricardo Urioste. Photo: Courtesy.

By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

The Savior – Romerianos commemorate their pastoral legacy in pursuit of Saint Oscar Romero, both the Archdiocese of San Salvador, like the catholic congregation, mourn the death of Monsignor Ricardo Urioste.

Monsignor Urioste interceded so that the figure of “Saint Oscar Romero”, it will not be politicized in favor of the revolutionary organizations of the FMLN, after the Peace accords, because it would be a delay in the beatification process of Monsignor Romero, by associating it with left movements.

Thus he also reached an agreement with the FMLN and its organizations to stop using San Oscar Romero, as a banner of revolutionary struggle, and also advocated so that the death of San Romero will not go unpunished, an investigation into his murder and justice done, was the first statement of the Archdiocese on the death of San Romero.

Meanwhile, in the Salvadoran curia they slandered him, and as a supporter of communism and Liberation Theology, which had repercussions in the Vatican to stop the beatification process, until the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, ruled that there was no impediment to continue the process, which took 10 years, until the arrival of Pope Francis.

Monsignor Urioste was born on 18 September 1925 and he died 5 of January of 2016, He is remembered for his account of the visit of Pope John Paul II to El Salvador, in 1983, when he visited the crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral to pray over the tomb of Saint Romero, on that occasion he said: “His Holiness had understood that our Bishop Martyr, he was a true man of the Church ".