Minister of Health said: "No new confinement is being considered"

Health personnel treat patients with Covid-19. Photo: Courtesy CAPRES.

By Yaneth Estrada

El Salvador ruled out a second confinement during the Christmas and New Year festivities, This was notified by the health minister.

Faced with a second wave of increased COVID-19 cases, countries like UK, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic and Ireland imposed new preventive measures such as lockdowns and curfews.

The Minister of Health, Francisco Alabí confirmed, this Monday, what “the population can rest assured that a new confinement is not being considered, but the measure is among the actions to contain the pandemic. The disease continues to cause deaths, we call on the population to comply with the protocols”.

This day, El Salvador registered 41,880 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 1,205 deceased and 38,087 recovered. Of these, the age group with the highest number of infections is 20 a 39 years with 17,539 confirmed cases and 40 a 59 years with 16,267, but the highest number of deaths and complications is registered above the 80 years.

“We know that there are triggers that facilitate the transmission of the virus”, mentioned Alabi, referring to the activities organized by the different municipalities in parks and squares on the occasion of the Christmas and New Year festivities, as, with this type of actions, agglomerations are caused and with them a high level of exposure to the virus.

Likewise, Alabi made special emphasis on that "it is unwise for some mayors to organize events with large numbers of people" and stressed that all sectors should give priority to the health issue "it is not responsible to generate conditions that cause agglomerations”, pointed.

As well, called on Salvadorans to, if they go to places like bars and restaurants, must be responsible and abide by biosafety protocols “we do not seek to generate alarm in the population, but we want to raise awareness ", highlighted the head of Health.