Minister of Defense of El Salvador assures that Nayib Bukele did not order to break into the Legislative Assembly

Photo: @SecPrensaSV.
By Yaneth Estrada

“I disagree with the assertion that the institution and myself have adopted a political position. Today I am going to tell the Salvadoran people the whole truth”, said the defense minister, Francis Merino Monroy, before the interpellation for breaking in with weapons and breaking doors in the facilities of the Legislative Assembly in the past 9 February.

“I understand that the interpellation is to explain what happened on 9 February, it is not an exam to get a grade, I cannot answer hypothetical cases. But, the President of the Republic has never given me an illegal or unconstitutional order ", said Merino Monroy before the deputies.

Likewise, the rear admiral stressed that “the President of the Republic and General Commander of the Armed Forces has never given me an unconstitutional order, we are respectful of the law ".

“No military operation has been carried out, The activity was with the objective of safeguarding the life of the President. I will not answer hypothetical things. The Armed Force is respected, and he does not play politics as you have tried to show ", stood out in his participation.

But nevertheless, The Legislative Assembly issued a statement to vigorously protest the attitude with which they entered the premises on Sunday afternoon 9 February, being occupied by military and police forces as a measure of pressure from the Executive to the deputies, In order to obtain approval of the loan from $109 millions. Meanwhile he 11 February, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court (CSJ) ordered President Nayib Bukele to “refrain from using the Armed Forces in activities contrary to established constitutional purposes and putting the republican form of government at risk, democratic and representative, the pluralist political system and in particular the separation of powers ".

Photo: @SecPrensaSV.