First confirmed H1N1 flu deaths

By Yaneth Estrada

H1N1, ten years ago it expanded into several countries in Latinamerica and caused several deaths, He rebounded in El Salvador and claimed the lives of two people.

“We have updated statistics, This is an immediate data, son 2 the deceased confirmed so far this year H1N1 ". Salvadoran Health Minister, Ana Orellana Ferrell, He confirmed the information during a radio interview, Thursday.

Orellana, Health denied that it is facing an epidemic. But nevertheless, said “H1N1 is present in the country and tends to generate more severe conditions in the most vulnerable population”.

According to data shared by the official, until October 2019 Health confirms a little more 100 cases of people affected by this virus.

“We've never been in a situation of epidemic, there was a dangerous rise, but immediately he began to decline in week 33 of this year. We are not in epidemic area, we can not declare something that does not exist”, the official said.

to H1N1, also known as swine flu, copper the lives of three people in 2009 and made health authorities declared national emergency of this type influenza.

This week, Minister of Health of Honduras, neighbor of El Salvador, He announced that the government invested about 48 thousand dollars to immunize against disease Hondurans.