Ministry of Finance enables a system for the DUI and NIT number to be one

Ministry of Finance launches website to verify if the NIT has already been replaced by the DUI for Salvadoran citizens

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior – The Ministry of Finance enabled a space on its official website to verify if your NIT (Tax identification number) was already replaced by the DUI number (Unique identity document), with the purpose of having a single number and helping to simplify official procedures for Salvadoran citizens.

With this change, great benefits are expected, since all the procedures that the Salvadorans of legal age carried out with the NIT are now carried out only with their DUI; also, It represents a saving of time and money by not having to go to the offices of the Ministry of Finance to process said document.

As for natural persons of legal age, they can confirm the automatic replacement that was made to their NIT number with their DUI number.

There are also some exceptions, for example: natural persons minors, Foreigners and legal persons must process the printed representation of the NIT in this State Portfolio, which continues to be mandatory, in all those issuance procedures, replacement and modification of said document.

The General Orientation Guide for Registration procedures has been published on the website of the Ministry of Finance, Modification and Replacement of TIN.

To obtain the digital graphic representation of said document, the online service has been enabled, In addition, they will not have to cancel for the modification or replacement of the digital graphic representation of the NIT.

If you still do not know if your NIT has already been approved with the DUI you can verify it on the following website:

For more information consult the Call Center: 2244-3444, WhatsApp: 7073-8510 or to emails: [email protected] and [email protected]

The Legislative Assembly approved the past 9 November 2021 an amendment to the Law on the Registry and Special Control of Taxpayers to the Treasury, with which the homologation of the DUI and NIT numbers as a single document was endorsed.

"Subjects or entities registered in the registration system will be assigned a Tax Identification Number, which will be a unique and permanent number that once extended, in no case may it be modified or reassigned to another subject ... ”reads the article 4 of the reform that they approved.

The change does not apply to companies, since the deputies explained at the time that for legal persons they will always be assigned a NIT, this being a unique and permanent number that, once issued, it cannot be modified or assigned to another subject.

Likewise, It was established that Salvadorans will not have to cancel anything for the modification or replacement of the new NIT and indicated that citizens will be able to use their document digitally or physically without any type of restriction.