Venezuelan military deserter: “The order is massacring the people”

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Miguel Tolosa, a member of the National Guard of Venezuela, who defected last night and fled to cross the Colombian border, He told local media that the regime of Nicolas Maduro gave a cruel order: “massacring the people”.

“Order is massacring the people! I declare myself loyal to Juan Guaidó, our commander in chief, our president. The government wants to massacre the people, the order is massacring the people, take collective and bring the prisoners to the streets to massacre the people”, He said the military after crossing the border.

with Tolosa, They are already 63 military those who leave the ranks of the Venezuelan Army in recent days. Colombian Foreign Minister, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, He confirmed on Saturday night 60 They applied for asylum in Colombia military conflict in the neighboring country, two of them managed to flee with their families.

According to Colombian Foreign Minister said the same, all military, mostly sergeants and lieutenants, They have receipt safeguarding of the Colombian authorities and contacted Guaidó to be made available.

Saturday was a convulsive day for Venezuela. After Guaidó and its allies try to enter more than 30 trucks with humanitarian aid sent by the International Community, clashes that left two people dead broke and 285 wounded.

Although some countries in the European Union, They gave an ultimatum to Maduro to convene democratic elections, the Chavista leader refuses to establish a dialogue to resolve the conflict in the country.