Milan bets on ecological transport for the 2025

photo VD: Carlos Renderos.
By Carlos Renderos

Italy – Milan is a city that puts the issue of environmental sensitivity at the forefront. This is how the company Azienda di Trasporte Milanese, (ATM), in charge of offering public transport in the city of Milan, renews the bus fleet to a system 100% electric, anticipating this European regulation where the vehicle fleet will be completely ecological in the year 2030.

This is how efforts are added to this initiative to recycle PET plastic bottles (polyethylene terephthalate), It is composed of a plastic polymer that is obtained through a polymerization process of terephthalic acid and monoethylene glycol).

photo VD: Carlos Renderos.

This plan began at the Cascina Gobba station located to the North-West of the city of Milan, and your goal for the year 2025 of the production of plastic bottles must contain a 25% of recycled raw material.

The entity in charge of managing these wastes is CORIPET, which will grant a redeemable bonus for each 100 bottles in their affiliated businesses like: Aon, Libraccio, The Fork, iMask, y Martha’s Cottage.

But nevertheless, This great ecological and environmental initiative is a bet of 360 degrees within the globalized development of one of the most important cities in Europe, another big concern looming after the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change that begins to hit in different countries of the world.