Miguel Mora, director of 100% News from Nicaragua, accused of conspiring "to commit terrorist acts"

Photo: @100noticiasni
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Miguel Mora, director of 100% News, Saturday was taken to the Courts of Managua, after being arrested Friday in evening hours by police, He confirmed that communication in their social networks.

Photo: @100noticiasni

A Mora is accused of "fomenting and inciting hatred and violence" to the detriment of Nicaraguan society and the State, according to the letter sent to the headquarters of the Directorate of Legal Aid by the Sixth Court of Criminal District Courts.

The document notes that Mora's performance is part of the article 398 the Penal Code, which establishes the crime of provocation, incitement and conspiracy to commit terrorist acts.

100% News reported on its Twitter account that the hearing takes place in the room 9 of the Courts of Managua.

Mora was arrested with his wife Veronica Chavez (released hours later), and the head of press 100% News, Lucia Pineda Ubau, in an operation developed rapidly by law enforcement authorities.

The TV channel was taken off the air and this morning were placed zinc sheets on the facade of the building.

Former Attorney General of the Republic, Alberto Novoa, He said there was no legal basis for the accusation against Mora. "He was not an instigator of hate. He's doing an exercise of a profession or trade, activity information and transmit information, he is not making the news ", Novoa said the newspaper La Prensa of Nicaragua.

The arrest of Miguel Mora has generated mixed reactions from organizations and individuals, including the Americas director at Human Rights Watch, José Miguel Vivanco and journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro.