11 August, 2022

While everyone fleeing China by coronavirus, Salvadoran register as a volunteer to emergency

By Engelbert Maldonado, Italy.

Thanks to the coronavirus, China stopped being a destination for thousands of tourists and curious. Latest figures, mid-February, They indicate that more than a thousand people died from the virus and other 15 thousand, They were infected.

Despite the emergence of global health active, a young Salvadoran decided to substitute its commitment to service and stay in one of the areas most affected by the coronavirus volunteer to assist those affected and other groups.

This is Xavier Palma, a young man who was born in San Salvador and emigrated to Italy when he was nine. El Salvador was pursuing a master's degree in China, but at the moment when he declared emergency and entrances and exits closed Wuhan, He was in Hong Kong and decided to stay in the area.

“My university is in Beijing and can not return until the situation improves, because in the city there are more than three hundred infected”, Xavier says to Voice of Diaspora.

Instead of returning to Italy, El Salvador decided to stay in the area and register as a volunteer in some tasks to support health and also was recorded as a teacher, also volunteers, of English, then the city authorities decided to close schools.

The initiative to do something good, in the midst of emergency, She was his college tutor. He connected with a high school teacher who created a solidarity group of teachers free, to keep students in Hubei Province, cerca de Wuhan, epicenter of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Online Education

Xavier is part of the program Hubei, He dedicated to teaching one to one, with online classes for high school level and although the Chinese government, It maintains some classes and lessons virtually, This initiative has the backing of the authorities, He said the Salvadoran.

Xavier says “the situation in the area is not as tragic as the media have our America”. El Salvador coincides with the official version of the World Health Organization (WHO), he said and, which it is a infopandemia.

The young Salvadoran, said his gesture to help in the midst of tragedy, It is the least we can do for a country that welcomed him with everything needed to live and continue their studies.

Chinese Government, You not yet said when reopen schools or study centers, because that will depend on the level of spread and control of the coronavirus.

The priority, now, for the Chinese government is the safety and Public Health; so, schools will continue to provide online education until the danger of infection is low, locally, He said the Salvadoran.

A problem of xenophobia

“Hong Kong is not required to stay home, as the government has closed 14 of 17 access points this region. In Mainland China, depending on the area is required to be in self-quarantine in the room itself”, Xavier said while talking about his experience.

And continues: “Life has stopped, because the priority is to curb new infections. There is no panic, pending the population live news and the government has made a major deployment of forces to enforce health prevention”.

The Italian-salvadoreno considers that globally the information has alarmed people the wrong way.

“There is a worldwide exaggerated alarmism. Coronavirus is a virus that does not have to undervalue. But for the moment it has a very low mortality rate. Common flu in Europe leaves more deaths each year and has not developed any psychosis. further, when the influenza pandemic occurred in the western countries during the 2009 no cut flights to these countries and no one prevented or despised those citizens”, He emphasized the voluntary.

“The health problem in developed countries is overlapping with xenophobia and generally the dynamics of racism that never became extinct in these societies. The consequence of this is that the "Wuhan Coronavirus", "New Coronavirus", and other names, in the media end up being "the Chinese virus", in a clear racial attribution to a virus that actually infects all without distinction” Xavier emphasized to ask about the management of the crisis at international level.

Information for everyone in the area

according to Palma, There are several sites online real-time reporting and information see, on the sites of infection, the number of people killed, recovered, suspected cases and confirmed cases.

further, the authorities have made available to people information, also online three, aircraft and land positions accurate in traveling or are people infected, sanitary protocols to address those symptoms.

“China is a nation that makes massive use of technology, and in this case it is also helpful for people”, says the Salvadoran.

University for which study, recommended Xavier, as a preventive measure to return to Italy as authorities resolve the crisis and report until it is safe for people to resume daily activities. But nevertheless, the young man believes it can continue to provide from where.

El Salvador has always been touched by the social causes. Not long ago, Xavier also was part of the civil movement in Italy for which it approved in the country, the right to the floor, ie can be granted nationality to persons not born in the Italian territory.

However and despite Xavier's activism on that topic was recorded in some newspapers of the country, the instability of recent Italian governments and the lack of political support for the issue, They have gradually, the leftist parties that promoted this topic, Now forget it.