“My wife was delivered in Mexico for my child not see us beating”

By Carmen Rodriguez, reports from Mexico

Last week Mexico Military Guard and Border Patrol country, violently prevented the passage of hundreds of migrants trying to seek asylum in the United States and Mexican territory.

The images of soldiers and police beating migrants and spraying pepper spray women and children, They incensed in social networks. Some managed to escape, hundreds more, as confirmed by the Mexican authorities they were arrested and placed in deportation proceedings.

Wilmer, a Honduran who was with his wife and son in the caravan, It is one of those who managed to escape and tells his story. But nevertheless, his wife decided to sacrifice himself so that he and their son, they could continue their way to seek asylum, since fleeing violence in their country.

“We walked through the border and traveled Hidalgo Tapachula. We come to ask for asylum and have come fleeing the maras… We come to ask for asylum in Mexico and did not give us permission to pass”, said Honduran.

Many immigrants like Wilmer and his family, no matter they reach United States, they seek to save their lives from violence and see another opportunity in Mexico, safe to put their lives.

Last year, the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, He showed his willingness to offer asylum and shelter for Central American migrants. But also, He signed an agreement with the US to stop being a transit territory of Central American migrants.

The wall against immigrants

President Donald Trump achieved one of his campaign promises: walling against migration. But the wall is not a building that is on the southern US border, but is a series of actions that other governments do.

Since June last year, Mexico tightened its policies and actions to fulfill its part of the agreement reached with the US to stop the migration of Central Americans. But it was not until January 2020 that Mexico showed its strength.

The caravan had managed to cross from Guatemala crossing point for trade in Hidalgo. But nevertheless, to advancing, they met a wall of police and soldiers who received them violently to prevent its passage.

“We came running. I brought her hand. We came running and saw that when they hit in the mouth of the stomach to a boy who came to the pair of us. The military began beating, they put the boot on and she told me she did not want the child see that”, Wilmer says.

According to the Honduran, When they reached the point where the Mexican Guard waited for the caravan and saw the confrontation, Many ran to try to save. En la huida, They were surrounded by about ten soldiers who began beating others who were also trying to protect themselves from trifulca.

“She told me, I will provide for you to move with the child. Correa, Correa, so that the child does not look at this. She handed, I did not want to beat us… children had drowned gas, people beaten…”, recalls Wilmer.

Honduras and son, They managed backup and explained that the aim of his family was to reach Mexico City to make an application for asylum, because he heard on the news that the Mexican government is willing to help migrants and also create more than 30 thousand jobs for this action.

No news from his wife

Wilmer said that since last week happened this incident knows nothing of his wife and is concerned.

“Now I know not where is she. I do not know if deported or what was done. I would like to know where it is. It hurts not to know where it is. She did it (surrender) for the child, because the mission of us was to reach Mexico City to ask for asylum”, says the Honduran.

In the images circulating on social networks, taken by the migrants themselves, journalists and human rights activists, violence broke out and how the Mexican military boarded the caravan is observed.

The authorities of the Government of Mexico, after many migrants said they agreed to return to their countries and another group claimed asylum and are willing to keep working to southern Mexico, Wilmer is part of the group is willing to stay in Mexican territory, but asks for help to find his wife.

“We ask the president help, we do not want violence and we have found is violence, one comes from being hit in life and just want to work, tarbajando serve in Mexico, I ask with all my heart to release my wife, she can not be stopped”, said Wilmer.