26 November, 2022

Mexico punishable by up to nine years in prison cyber stalking women

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Mexican Congress unanimously approved this week a reform of the law that will punish those who create or disseminate intimate images or videos of women with up to nine years in prison., or who harasses, or attack women in social networks.

With this approval, Mexico City, joins the list of 14 states of the Mexican nation that recently approved reforms to the law, to avoid more attacks on women in social networks or cyber space.

The Olympia Law, as this reform is known, fast forward and gave him this week, to feminist movements fighting against “the revenge porn” and violence against women, a significant victory.

This reform includes, the use of the term “digital violence” in the Mexican penal code and provides severe penalties for those who attack women on the networks or who disclose intimate material without consent; and that also, have had any emotional or work relationship with the victim.

Criminal punishment, it also includes a three-year prison sentence for those who threaten women with disclosure of the material and in addition, creates a mechanism so that the content disclosed on the internet is removed in less than 24 hours.

Contrary to this advance, in El Salvador, things are different. In the last days, journalists of this international news agency, were attacked on social media, after an investigation that reveals sexual harassment was published on a television channel in the country.

The journalists, they were also exposed and defamed from anonymous accounts, in which attempts were made to discredit his journalistic work, complaints and investigation, without, until now, the Salvadoran authorities have spoken out against this attack.

El Salvador does not have laws to protect women journalists, nor does it have the legal tools, necessary to prosecute and punish cyber bullying, attacks on social networks or violence against women in cyber space.