17 August, 2022

Mexico leads the final round of Concacaf en route to Qatar 2022

Photo: Courtesy.

By Alberto Barrera

U.S – At the end of six dates of the octagonal Concacaf that will classify three teams to the Qatar World Cup 2022 -the fourth will go to playoffs-, Mexico leads the ranking with 14 points after a win (2-0) entangled against the Salvadoran team in the hostile Cuscatlán stadium.

The day on Wednesday was opened by the United States when they received Costa Rica, which complicated and surprised them at the beginning due to an early goal., which undoubtedly reminded them that they were coming from a defeat 0-1 against the Panamanian team, but in the end he got the three points with two goals that ended the resistance of the Ticos. The United States is second with 11 points.

Canada rolled on their ground with a forceful 4-1 to a Panamanian team that little by little and with few soccer starts -more with anger- was beaten by the other North American team that is third in the table with 10 points for their two wins and four draws. Together with Mexico they are the only undefeated in the area.

The other game was defined with a visiting victory 2-0 of Jamaica against Honduras that sent “los catrachos” to last place and caused the departure of the Uruguayan coach Fabián Coito, who had previously broken with the press and the fans of that Central American country for his negative results due to the three defeats and only three draws to add three points.

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The football clash between "la selecta" from El Salvador and "el Tri" from Mexico, for the long-awaited wishes of a local victory against their staunch enemies despite the overwhelming historical difference between the two, was defined in 90 minutes for the two goals of the visit and more disputes and friction than good football. "Mexico was left with three points in a rough game", headlined the Mexican newspaper Milenio.

The first half was under Mexican control, which at the minute 30 achieved superiority on the scoreboard due to a header by defender Héctor Moreno from a corner kick. El Salvador with little or almost nothing was barely enough for a deflected shot from left back Alex Larín next to Memo Ochoa's left post. there was no more. The tone continued between struggles and kicks.

To the 47 minutes Mario Jacobo was sent off, one of the two Salvadoran power plants, for attacking striker Funes Mori and because Canadian center back Drew Fischer judged that he was the last defender in the striker's route to the opposite goal. It was not like that Eduardo Vigil was already ready in case the striker passed. Y 20 minutes later Fischer expelled Néstor Araujo for slapping Larín in the face. The central Vigil was Raúl Jiménez's aggressor before the end so that a penalty was scored that the same striker charged.

Grief was defined not as the more than 30,000 Salvadorans in the stadium wanted, neither the fans of the popular sport, but Mexico was the best (of the little) football proposed and achieved victory in an environment of color, happiness, brushstrokes of local politics and a "full load" in Cusca despite the fact that El Salvador faces its worst wave of deaths and infections due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The afternoon and evening in the stadium and surroundings – south west of the capital- enthusiasm was noted, that was not the same at the end of the meeting, but who left postcards as leaders of the two Salvadoran and Mexican hobbies with colorful outfits of blue and white or the green tricolor, visit red and white. There was a dominant blue color and the anthem sung at the top of their lungs by the huge choir, some dressed up as sheikhs, others of the mythological character Cipitío and expressions of sympathy or rejection of the government that sees a growing wave of discontent and street protests.

For today the fourth place is occupied by Panama with 8 points, Costa Rica in fifth with 6, Jamaica reached sixth place and El Salvador is seventh, both with 5 points, and in the eighth and last place Honduras with only three points.

Table of positions final round Concacaf.