Mercedes Aráoz renounces the interim presidency of Peru

Photo Twitter Mercedes Aráoz

Kriss Recinos

Peru. Amid the crisis, Mercedes Aráoz resigned as vice president and interim president of the country, position that Congress commissioned after the dissolution of parliament ordered by the President, Martin Vizcarra.

Through a letter released by Twitter, Araóz addressed the head of parliament, Pedro Olaechea, to inform you about her irrevocable resignation to the post of second vice president of the Republic because "the constitutional order has been broken", in the country.

The official added that she hopes that her resignation "will lead to the calling of general elections in the shortest time.".

And is that Monday, the executive announced that the election of the new parliament would be the 26 of January of 2020, within four months, as stipulated by the political constitution in the event of a dissolution of the legislative body.

Vizcara, however, he remains in the presidency of the republic and analyzes the recomposition of his ministerial cabinet, after the resignation of its prime minister Salvador del Solar.

The also legislator explained in her letter, declining from the mandate conferred on her by parliament, after the congress approved on Monday the suspension of the functions of Vizcarra for "moral incapacity".

Araoz, he added, that before the invocation of the Organization of American States, for the Constitutional Court to decide the constitutionality of the measure announced by Vizcarra, "I consider that there are no minimum conditions to carry out the task that the congress gave me".

In the last hours Aráoz avoided public exposure after his questioned swearing in as interim president, but he offered interviews to foreign media in which he recognized that his assignment was a political solution to the crisis between the two powers of the state.