Mega cargo ship to make new attempt to cross Suez Canal

In march of this year, the vessel ran aground in the Suez Canal and caused international trade to collapse

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

EGYPT – Egyptian authorities declared a state of emergency in the Suez Canal due to the passage of the cargo ship Ever Given, that in March of this year ran aground in the area and it took six days to solve the accident and reactivate the activities.

This time, your passage through the glutton of the Red Sea will be guided by two fast boats and escorted by other boats.

It is the second time that the Ever Given has crossed the Suez Canal since the blockade registered in the first quarter of this year. In August, the Egyptian authorities allowed him transit, but he had to pay a millionaire compensation for the damage caused.

The gigantic ship spent three months in Egyptian territory until an economic agreement was reached with the authorities who threatened to limit its passage through the sea..

The ship has about 400 meters in length and 59 sleeve. Has the capacity to transport 224 thousand tons of merchandise and its traffic jam in March caused a paralysis of goods valued at 9.500 million euros per day. The Suez Canal represents the border between Africa and Asia, the latter continent exports and imports a large quantity of goods on a daily basis.