Salvadoran doctor denounces lack of payment and discounts by the Ministry of Health

By Yaneth Estrada

Despite constant claims of being current on payments, reduce the number of deceased front-line personnel (130) and lack of biosecurity equipment, by the Government of El Salvador, complaints continue.

This Tuesday Dr. Roberto Ramírez explained on social networks that “I am a contracted physician for COVID-19 emergency care, I am assigned to a health unit in the department of La Libertad, I also took shifts in the different containment centers of said department.

“In late May and early June I got infected with COVID-19, I was sent to mandatory quarantine; by that time President Nayib Bukele, He called us heroes and even people looked at us with eyes of mercy”, he added.

Likewise, reported that even though we did not receive payment on time, we were happy with a “bono”, with which we used to get ahead while we waited for our payment, but what happens now?

“This day I receive a message from the Ministry of Health (MINSAL), in which they state that I must correct my receipt, since they will deduct each day from the quarantine for COVID-19 which in total were 21 days…”, said the doctor.