11 August, 2022

Gold medals in Central American skating for El Salvador

Central American skating championship

El Salvador adds more gold medals in the Central American Speed ​​Skating

The Salvadoran delegation continues to perform well in the event that takes place at the El Polvorín Sports Complex in San Salvador (Photos courtesy INDES).

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior – The Salvadoran delegation that participates in the XX Central American Speed ​​Skating Championship 2021 Today he added three gold medals in the second day of competitions that were held at the skating rink located in the El Polvorín Sports Complex.

The first gold medal of the day was contributed by the outstanding youth athlete Ivonne Nóchez who, with a time of 46.363, finished in the first place of the test 500 m + distance, in the category 15-18 years. The second place went to the Guatemalan Helen Rivera with a time of 46.653 and the third was for the Costa Rican Valery Ramírez with 50.134.

The second Salvadoran gold was won by Haydee Barrios, in the test of 500 meters + distance, category older than 19 years ladies, with a time of 48.195. The silver and bronze went to the Guatemalan sisters Idalis and Ivy De León who registered 48.629 Y 49.346, respectively.

The third golden metal was obtained by Elizabeth Girón in the points test + elimination 10,000 meters; the silver went to the national Haydeé Barrios and the bronze to the Costa Rican Yuliana Abarca.