Meco, forever…!

Image: LPG.

By Maria T. Morales

That silence that always characterized you, but it was not always understood, it was the anteroom to win the love of many in a world where not everything is rosy, but yes exciting: Photojournalism.

For the same, today you give your life, that silence that you kept, will become the cry for demanding protection for those colleagues who face COVID-19 every day, and that, exposed to this harsh reality, they are spreading everywhere.

Your stories, your adventures in that passionate world of photojournalism, we will always keep them as someone's legacy, whose humility, made him win friends, awards and honours; recognitions that never went to your head.

Over there, maybe in Germany, Holland, Mexico, U.S, someone, surely he is crying to you upon learning of your departure.

Thanks for your naughty boy soul, in love with life, Salvadorans and foreigners who one day succumbed to your gifts as a romantic and silent gentleman.

Without thinking, much less imagine it, the last talk we had was a goodbye that day when we talked about our dear warrior: the “black” Doris Molina (Q.D.D.G) 

Whether in war, operative, in gang “dismantling”, in the legislative assembly, in court or at demonstrations, Wherever we put the blessed daily "guideline", Franklin Américo Rivera, "Meco" you were always on the front line.

First line, we will also raise our voices to demand protection from our colleagues who, as you, for fulfilling a mission, are exposed to this pandemic, that today makes us cry when we see your departure dear Meco.