More journalists denounce sexual harassment in El Salvador

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By Carmen Rodriguez

Given the recent publications made by the international news agency on sexual harassment assumptions made by journalist Roberto Hugo Preza against several subordinate, journalists who work in other media of communication Salvadorans have come out of the shadows and have given us more testimonials.

As part of the commitment we must have the media in building societies and democracy and purpose of the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Voice of Diaspora, public these allegations of journalists, cameramen and employees who prove that sexual harassment in the media is a common practice until today.

Who shared identity and sent their messages have been omitted, because most of these people today works in a media Salvadoran and, as victims who dared to denounce sexual harassment in the case of Preza, They also fear reprisals.

Then Posts:

"In the media there is sexual harassment. Several of my friends, They were forced to resign or continue to endure harassment fear. There is also work and psychological harassment. I had a boss who yelled at me and I was exceeding working hours, working up 18 hours, no overtime pay. I screamed and desmerecía for being a woman. Once he told me: «¡Mamasita, If you were my girlfriend, I would not let that vistieras you so! I like women that have never proven a good man '. Those things are also harassment ".

"I had 19 years when I began my internship. He was about to turn 20. It was still uncertain, eager to learn and sacrifice and earn money to help my mom. When he got drunk and grabbed her tours, for me it was a break, because it did not reach the office, and he did not see his filthy hands touched me either. Eventually rumors that he harassed other women were always strong and I said to myself: Why not report?…”.

"Roberto Hugo Preza is someone nefarious as a journalist and as a person. In the five years I worked in Megavisión, I witnessed blackmail which used to resort to keep silenced employees and other journalists at what he did, against women, harassments. In some press meetings we had, fondled presenting in front of others. We kept silent we journalists not to lose the job ".

"That man is dirty and stinks like head and a person. I know that everything is counted in research it is true. He has a modus operandi: He came and got to the islands to edit them out greeting kisses the journalists ... As if it were obliged to kiss women ".

"He likes to tell women" princess ", "My love" and stuff. I put a high and said to call me by my name. That was repulsive to me. I put nicknames, I blocked many things in the canal and once said that someone had dared to denounce him and he had hacked the phone and why, he had exposed, with some posts in the Ministry of Labor. That said it to scare people ".

"People who say he is a blameless person, They say it because they have not worked near him. Girls always made the comment that he walked embracing the whole time and did not like them. Some say these are people who are being badly Roberto and that's not, this has to stop, It was what I observed, journalists also speak them, that pawed ".

"All I have said is true journalists. Many did not say anything because he talked about his contacts. Wife, works in Bandesal (Development Bank of El Salvador) -directed by Juan Pablo Duran, one of the daughters in the Ministry of Labor -directed by Rolando Castro. These institutions are run by these gentlemen with him in the photo and the other daughter also works with government. Things like these, many did not say anything ".

Roberto Hugo Preza, reporter noted by sexual harassment. Photo social networks

“Before he was a friend of Funes and the FMLN, now you do not have the same contacts. Now in the new government is friend of Rolando Castro, Minister of Labor and Juan Pablo Durán, so many know that the visit of the Ministry of Labor, It is a show”

"We all know that this is an open secret and nobody wants to get journalists out of fear. I saw, when in the newsroom he came to greet them companions and grabbed her chin to kiss. What of the Ministry of Labor (the investigation), It is just the straw (lie) what did you do".

"For those who work in the media this is not a secret. This, harassment existed for 15 years I work on that. It was no surprise for journalists, that is sure. Three of my friends told me what happened to them, the embracing force, forcibly he kissed them and stuff. What happens is that nobody wants to talk about this publicly, but for journalists this is not a secret ".