More than five million people completed vaccination against COVID-19

photo VD: Milagro Orellana.

By Maria T. Morales

U.S – Despite the drop-by-drop distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, 31 millions 123 thousand 299 people have already been vaccinated nationwide, according to the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC for its acronym in English).

Approximately 25 millions 201 thousand 143 people received one or more doses while a total of 5 millions 657 thousand 142 patients completed the immunization process by receiving two doses.

photo VD: Milagro Orellana.

Until now, the authorities have distributed 49 millions 933 thousand 250 vaccinations; of these 31 millions nationwide, and it is expected that, at the beginning of spring, States receive another shipment to begin immunizing the general population, process that is expected to end with the arrival of summer.

Meanwhile, Local officials in states such as California and Texas have already warned about the lack of vaccines for front-line personnel against the pandemic.

photo VD: Milagro Orellana.

For Joe Biden, President of the United States, the challenge of their first 100 days in power is to achieve the inoculation of at least 100 millions of inhabitants.

The urgency of the authorities is due to the emergence of three variants or mutations of the COVID-19 virus, which, according to experts, spread more quickly.