More of 4 One thousand kilos of cocaine seized in the high seas Salvadoran Naval Force, the biggest so far

Naval Force achieves historic seizure of drugs on the high seas: 4,156 kilos of cocaine valued at more than $100 millions.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

THE SAVIOR – This Monday 27 from December to 2021, the authorities reported a historic drug seizure with the highest value and volume seized in previous operations.

“Son 4,156 kilos of cocaine, valued roughly at 103 millions 900 thousand dollars the, approximately, 2,050 bitcoin ”, President Nayib Bukele reported on his social media accounts.

According to reports from the authorities, the drug was in two LPVs (Low Profile Vessel). Both were intercepted by Naval Task Force Trident. A (of the boats) was to 406 nautical miles (751 km) and the other to 430 nautical miles (796 km) south of Punta Remedios, Acajutla”, in the western part of the country.

Five Colombians and two Ecuadorians were arrested in the vessels intercepted this day by the Naval Force.

Defense Minister Francis Merino Monroy, assures that it was a complex operation against drug trafficking, being the first time that two LPVs are located simultaneously. In addition to being the second largest seizure in recent decades.

During the current government management, security forces have detained at least 39 foreigners on charges related to drug trafficking. Total, are more than 1,000 people who will be held accountable for drug-related crimes.