More of 3 one billion doses of the coronavirus vaccine were applied in the world

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Immunization campaigns have accelerated but drug delivery remains uneven.

Worldwide, more of 3 one billion doses against the coronavirus have been applied, which according to the experts shows the acceleration of the campaigns. The first billion were reached ago 20 weeks, the second billion was six weeks ago, that is, it took less than four weeks to reach the current figure.

Four out of ten doses applied in the world were in China, India and United States, the countries that occupy the first three places in immunization.

Meanwhile, the European Union has already administered 357 million doses, that is to say that the 50% of the population received at least one dose and the 32% is fully immunized. The most populous countries like: Germany, Italy, Spain and France have a third of their population vaccinated.

Photo: Courtesy.

However, China started vaccination at a moderate rate., now it is the country that vaccinates the fastest, to almost him 2% of the population every day, during the last week.

The most widely used vaccine is AstraZeneca, applied in the 80% of vaccinated countries, they follow Pfizer, Sinopharm, Modern, Sputnik V, Johnson & Johnson y Sinovac.