More of 200,000 coronavirus positive cases in the United States

Photo VD Ricardo “That” Gutiérrez

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Positive cases of coronavirus in the United States multiply uncontrollably on a daily basis. On Wednesday the health authorities of the country, confirmed that record 203,000 cases of people infected with covid-19.

According to information from the Center for Disease Prevention (CDC) the rapid expansion of the coronavirus in the country, it is because thousands of carriers of the virus have no symptoms and these are, the main sources of contamination.

In addition to the positive cases, the authorities confirmed the death of 4,473 people because of the disease. More than 50% positive cases and deaths were reported in New York State.

This week, Maryland, Virginia y Washington DC, issued new orders for residents to avoid leaving home. further, Florida authorities reported joining states that have ordered the closure of all activities.

But nevertheless, the country has not yet reached the highest curve of positive cases and deaths from the disease. On Tuesday President Donald Trump warned Americans that the next two weeks will be “painful” for the whole country.

The White House scientist, Anthony Fauci, said the country is close to coming “to some determination” and joined the recommendations indicating that people who should leave home, they must wear masks as a protection and prevention measure.