Mario Huezo to stand trial for femicide Salvadoran journalist

Photo: Prosecutors in El Salvador.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Mario Huezo, Salvadoran arrested last year for the murder of journalist Karla Turcius, He was sent to trial. Huezo, which was co-life journalist is accused by the authorities of El Salvador, being the femicide.

According to the judge handling the case, man murdered journalist hate; and evidence presented by the Public Ministry are sufficient to prove.

Huezo, It is the only suspect of femicide and was sent to trial by the Special Court of Instruction for a Life Free of Violence and Discrimination against Women last year, shortly after the crime.

At the hearing prelimiar, the judge said he appreciated the videos, phone calls, finding blood in the vehicle and room Turcios, in addition to the autopsy showed that he died asphyxiated.

Meanwhile, Witnesses told the prosecution how Huezo came to look for Karla to work; also, the expertise of the prosecution proved that the defendant did go through it, without giving details of the respect.

In the videos that has the Salvadoran Attorney, It observed the tour he made Huezo, from housing, where the couple lived and where was presumed murdered journalist in Colonia Costa Rica, in San Salvador, to the place where it was found the body of journalist.

The case caused a stir in the Central American country, hit by violence to such a degree that the group of journalists and editors of this agency spoke out against the killings in the country and against gender violence.