Marc Anthony recovering from back injury after accident in Panama

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Panama – Puerto Rican singer, Marc Anthony confirmed that he is recovering from a back problem that forced him to cancel a concert on Wednesday night in Panama as part of the "Pa'lla voy" tour.

“I am in the process of recovering from my back…I am fine…they are taking care of me”, said the artist 53 years in a message that he posted on his social networks.

Earlier, the company Magic Dreams, organizer of the activity in Panama, He said that the singer had an accident at the hotel where he stayed, without specifying details, and that he was treated by local doctors who ruled "his inability to carry out the presentation".

After the accident he was transferred to Miami, U.S, to be treated by specialists, he added.

“I'll be back soon to keep my word.", said the salsero for his part, which has faced bitter criticism from thousands of followers, after the cancellation of the concert.

“Unfortunately, as I told you, it is a very strong thing for me, because I am not to cancel, I have no history of that, nor reputation of that”, he stated.

Marc Anthony told his followers, and to those who bought tickets for the concert who, like all human beings, suffered a fortuitous situation that did not allow them to fulfill their commitment.

“To all those people who are interested in knowing, I'm getting better”, concluded.