20 January, 2023

Bukele military commanders recommended to be taken Legislative Assembly and “Members neutralize security”

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Minister of Defense, Francis René Merino Monroy and Deputy, Ennio Elvidio Aguilar Rivera would have been the brains advised Salvadoran President, Najib Bukele to militarize the Legislature last Sunday.

The action would serve to put pressure on MPs to approve the loan 109 millions of dollars, aimed at the security plan the Government of Bukele, It has been heavily criticized at home and internationally.

“All the planning of the operation of the Armed Forces on Sunday, It was eleborado and executed from the Joint. He was the minister and the deputy minister who advised President Bukele and advised him what to do”, He told Voice of Diaspora source of the Armed Forces, who asked not to be identified.

According to the information handled within the military, the heads of the Ministry of Defense, after agreeing the plan with President, he was ordered “C-III to the operations control plan of the Legislature”.

The source told the news agency that the military elements who entered the Legislature, They are members of the Special Forces Command, they had orders to neutralize the safety of Members if necessary and also, Presidential Battalion had the approval for capturing and installations take the Salvadoran Parliament.

The information held by Voice of Diaspora, also notes that the division of Cavalry “would take control of the streets” around the Government Center and the National Civil Police (PNC) facilitate some delegations to use them if necessary.

A few hours before the militarization Government Center, Minister of Defansa, accompanied by military officers, He gave a press conference, to the style of public interventions that made groups of military coup 70 and groups of officers who backed right-wing governments during the civil war that the country experienced.

The Minister then said Merino Monroy, the Armed Forces owes allegiance and obedience to the president Bukele. Likewise, the director of the PNC, Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, backing the measure of using the military and public security service Salvadoran President.

Merino conference Minister Monroy. Photo taken from Radio YSKL, From El Salvador

The military source also says that officers coonocieron of the plan and disagreed with this, were quartered since Sunday morning, to prevent information leaks.

After the reactions against the use of the armed forces to pressure deputies and militarizing of the Legislature, to the inside of the Staff, the order to destroy all documents and memorandums related to this transaction occurred.