Mature: “The blood that can run in Venezuela… You will be in your hands Donald Trump”

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Monday in radio and television in Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, He waylaid the announcement of the sanctions imposed on the government of Donald Trump Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), to freeze the assets and payments to the company.

“Donald Trump I take responsibility for any violence that may happen in Venezuela. Mr. President you will be responsible for this policy of regime change in Venezuela, and the blood that can run blood will be on your hands, presidente Donald Trump”, Challenger said in tone, Venezuelan President.

With the sanctions imposed on the Treasury Department US, Venezuela's access to the market closes the North American country, country so far was the best client of PDVSA.

Maduro described the sanctions as “illegal and criminal” plus, said the national security adviser US government, John Bolton, wants a “outcome of military intervention” in his country.

“John Bolton, calls a coup openly; but here it is respect for democracy, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces always loyal, traitors never!”, Chavez continued.

According to statements by Secretary Bolton, PDVSA sanctions blocking access to some $7,000,000 in company assets and other $11,000,000 in sales. US companies may not do business with the oil venezonala and funds sales were made before the announcement of the sanctions will be placed in bank accounts, to which the government will not have access Maduro.

“Accordingly today's actions, all property and interests of PDVSA subject to US jurisdiction, They are blocked, and US persons are prohibited from engaging in transactions with them”, said the statement from the Treasury Department.