Tomatoes rained in Valencia, Spain

Bruñol, Spain. 28-8-2019. Photo VD / Courtesy: @LaTomatinaInfo.
By Dennis Aguillón

As is customary, every year in Bruñol, Valencia, is done “The tomatina”. A Valencian party that attracts the attention of nationals and foreigners for its unique particularity.

Well, for this edition we have used approximately 150 a thousand kilos of tomatoes spread over seven trucks to dye the streets red.

The mayor of the town has stated that for this year, have had an increase in visitors from Eastern Europe, especially from Russia, Australian citizens are added to this.

The volume of local tourists also stood out, although the English community has decreased its participation.

“We want outsiders to enjoy, but especially the buñoleros, this party is for them and for them”, he claimed.

The municipality was happy with the ticket sales, stating that they were sold “all” and this time there was the presence of about 22 a thousand people.

The participants have recognized that it is a real tomato festival, it's an adrenaline rush and inexplicable sensation, at first you feel a little fatigued by the crowd of people, but at the same time it is fraternal.

On the other hand, safety was vital for the full development of this event, where the local police, Civil protection, volunteers and private security worked together and 300 people protected the attendees.

To this are added 150 people in charge of cleaning, after the end of the party.

Bruñol, Spain. 28-8-2019. Photo VD / Courtesy: @LaTomatinaInfo.