Who were the victims of the worst mass shooting in Canada's history?

By Luisa Moncada

Last Sunday, 19 people were shot dead in Nova Scotia, Glen, in which it is already recognized as the worst mass shooting in the history of the country. The massacre, which lasted approximately 12 hours, spanned over 50 kilometers between the small towns of Portequipe, Truro, Milford y Enfield.

The local police have processed 16 crime scenes along the trail of death left by this fact.

Little by little the identities of the victims are revealed: two health workers, an agent of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a complete family and a teacher marriage, everyone, allegedly killed by Gabriel Wortman, a high class dentist from 51 years.

The faces of the victims

Lisa McCully

Lisa McCully, she was one of the first victims identified by her sister. In a devastating post on her Facebook account, the woman wrote the terrible news about her sister., a teacher at Debert Elementary School in the city of Portapique.

Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU), described McCully, not just as "a passionate teacher"; but also, as someone who inspired “a brilliant love in their lives”. 

McCully is survived by two children.

Photo: FB.

RCMP Cst Heidi Stevenson

Heidi Stevenson was shot dead as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In an interview this morning with CTVNews, Toronto, el Sargento Joe Taplin, She described the loss as an unprecedented tragedy and described Stevenson as "an impressive woman and very careful with others".

In Taplin's words, Heidi "was madly in love with her two children and her husband", whom he described as "his best friend forever".

"Heidi talked to people and smiled all the time, he was a wonderful soul ”, Taplin said evidently affected by the news.

Stevenson had a career in 23 years in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and he is survived by two sons of 10 Y 13 years.

Jamie y Greg Blair

Jamie y Greg Blair, they were a married couple who had a small propane gas company in rural Nova Scotia.

Blair marriage, leaves 4 children in orphanage. Her two youngest children are currently under the care of her maternal grandparents..

Photo: FB.

Heather O’Brien y Kristen Beaton

Two health sector workers who until yesterday were the first line of defense against the SARS-COVID19 pandemic and their only concern was to avoid the wave of infections in Nova Scotia, they were also shot dead over the weekend.

Both women worked for the Victorian Order of Nurses of Canada (VON Canada) .

In a press release, VON Canada reported that Kristen Beaton "was a continuing care assistant and a young wife and mother." Kristen will be remembered as "a caring and compassionate woman", according to his colleagues.

Heather O’Brien

Heather O’Brien was a nurse with more than 17 years of work, in the city of Truro, New Scotland. His relatives say that O’Brien was a “wife, self-sacrificing mother and grandmother ”.

In a Facebook post, Darcy Dobson, confirmed that her mother had been murdered by a “monster”.  Dobson said his mom texted her family's chat at 9.59 am and that alone 19 minutes later "he was gone".

"I want everyone to remember how kind he was. How she liked being a nurse. The way her eyes sparkled when she talked to her grandchildren and the way she just loved Christmas. ", concluded the sorry daughter.

Photo of FB.

Jolene Oliver, Aaron Tuck and daughter Emily Tuck (17 years)

Jolene, Aaron and Emily, they were a family of 3 that until Sunday they had used their social networks to demonstrate to their followers that they could have fun, even being quarantined by Covid-19.

Saturday, a day before being killed, they went to sleep after inviting their friends on social networks to stay safe at home. Paradoxically, they were killed hours later in the same place, from where they sent the last messages to their friends. This is what Oliver's older sister said to a local media, Tammy Oliver-McCurdie.

Emily de 17 years, he is so far the youngest victim of this heinous crime.

His friends and family asked to be reminded in a video that his proud father, Aaron, shared a few days ago in a Facebook group, in which together with the inhabitants of this city they tried to accompany each other virtually in the middle of the confinement by the Covid-19.

In the publication, A talented and smiling Emily is seen giving a concert with her violin.

FB photo shared by Jolene Oliver's older sister.

Allana Jenkins and Sean McLeodSean McLeod and his wife Alanna Jenkins, both from the city of Wentworh, they died are part of the list of victims of this crime. Their deaths were confirmed by McLeod's eldest son, Taylor McLeod.

Sean and Alanna were off-duty correctional officers. At the time of his death, Alanna worked at the Nova Institution for Women in Truro, NS. The couple leaves a baby in orphanhood.

Photo of FB.
Tom Bagley

Tom Bagley was a neighbor who was walking on Sunday morning in West Wentworth, New Scotland. Bagley.

The man saw the scene of the explosion caused by Gabriel Wortman on Hunter Road, and stopped to try to help the victims.

At that moment, the gunman shot him down. It was sunday morning, and Bagley's wife waited for her husband to come home, to go buy food at the village supermarket.

Bagley's daughter, Charlene Bagley, said on Facebook that her father was a beautiful soul who “died trying to help, and if you knew him, you knew who he was all the time. I know he meant something to so many people”.

In this his friend agreed, Joe MacLean, who worked during 30 years with Bagley in the fire brigade at Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

"Bagley would give you the shirt on his back, No doubt about it. If you called him and went to see him, I would give you what you need without thinking, "said the man to the media.

More victims

In the same event, the authorities also confirmed the murders of Gina Marie Goulet, Frank and Dawn Madsen, Lillian Hyslop, Corrie Ellison and Joey Webber.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has not yet closed the investigations, reason why it is not ruled out that the number of deceased continue to rise.