Human Rights as thematic axis of the Culture of Peace, a viable utopia, urgent and necessary…

Photo: Courtesy.

By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

The United Nations conceives the Culture of Peace as an education for Democracy. UNESCO considers it as a transversal axis of the information agenda of the mass media, especially for alternative media.

In this context, The Culture of Peace shares goals and aspirations with other viable utopias steeped in humanism, for the case of Human Rights in all its manifestations, social and economic equity, sustainable human development, the gender approach and discrimination against women.

Photo: Courtesy.

All these great utopias like “viable dreams” always arise from an anti-utopia, from an experience contrary to what is being proposed.

Thus the utopia of the Culture of Peace, arises from the experience of war; the eco-environmental movement arises from Environmental Degradation.

Cubías Colorado, Jose Eduardo, Alternative Communication from the perspective of Civil Society, The Culture of Peace, as a transversal axis of the alternative media agenda, You can consult the book on the pages 169-172.