COVID-19 infections in the United States could be ten times more than confirmed

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The number of coronavirus infections in the United States could be ten times more than the number of cases confirmed by the authorities, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The director of the entity, Robert Redfield, He said: "Our best estimate now is that for every case that is reported there are actually ten other infections".

He explained that the calculation is based on examining blood samples across the country for COVID-19 antibodies.. For each confirmed case ten people already had the antibodies, that is, they had the virus without realizing it.

Currently in the United States there are some 2.3 million cases detected, and with the new estimate it means that some 23 millions of americans caught.

Johns Hopkins University even believes that the number of current infections is higher, locates them in 2.4 millions.

"The virus is causing a lot of asymptomatic infection. The traditional approach of looking for symptomatic disease and diagnosing it obviously underestimates the total number of infections. ”, added Redfield.

The data assumes that between the 5 and the 8% of the American population would have contracted the virus. "A significant majority of the American public, probably older than 90%, still susceptible”, warned the director.