The traditional piscuchas arrive next to the wind season in El Salvador

The traditional piscuchas arrive next to the wind season in El Salvador

Traditional piscuchas in El Salvador. Photo: Courtesy Voice of the Diaspora.
By Luis Alberto López

The Savior – The winds arrive and with them the season of the traditional piscuchas that for generations have cheered and entertained children, young and old by raising them with the help of the wind.

In El Salvador, the "October winds" but that in recent years have appeared until November or December, It is the perfect season to raise the fish and feel the sensation of fighting with the wind and the kite tied with string and a wooden or iron device called a furler.

It is also the time to get creative to use materials and create attractive and fashionable designs to attract the attention of children..

It is a period of the year that many artisans and merchants take advantage of to manufacture and sell these popular products.

Jose Ramiro Peinado, manufacturer of artisanal piscuchas. Photo: Courtesy Voice of the Diaspora.

Don José Ramiro Peinado, have 45 years of making piscuchas, an experienced craftsman who also generates jobs in the season, since it distributes in several areas of the country and needs more collaborators to respond to customer demand.

“It is better for children to play with a little fish, maintain tradition and healthy entertainment, that's how they rest with computers and cell phones that even damage their eyesight ”says Don José after talking to Voice of Diaspora in one of its outdoor outlets in the municipality of Antiguo Cuscatlán, near the Salvadoran capital.