Summer season arrives in Salvadoran territory

Arrival of summer

Se caracteriza por clima agradable, vientos moderados y temperaturas promedio de 22° a 35° C.

By:Luis Alberto López

Closing the winter season and summer arrives in Salvadoran territory, in El Salvador there are only two weather seasons, winter and summer each last about six months.

The summer season that starts at the end of October or the beginning of November officially ends at the beginning of May., characterized by moderate to occasionally strong winds, temperatures of 22 ° C on average and in some hot months at the end of March and beginning of April the temperature can reach on average 30-35 °C.

Although as it is it is a relatively small territory there is variation in temperatures, in half or an hour you can be in a hot place such as the beach or coastal areas and in an hour or less you can move to a mountainous or high altitude area with cool and pleasant temperatures.

Summer season is coming, pleasant weather in El Salvador