El Salvador reaches UN delegation to assess support for CICIES

By Yaneth Estrada

This Monday, Vice President of El Salvador Felix Ulloa met with UN delegates who will join the work of the Commission Against Corruption and Impunity (CICIES).

"The United Nations will be a key player in this process we want to live in El Salvador and we want this organization is on board in the project and their participation effective", Ulloa said the vice president to the UN Delegation.

This visit is carried out in follow up his meeting with President Najib Bukele António Guterres Secretary General on 25 September in New York, in response to the request for support for the fight against impunity and corruption.

Ulloa Vice President reiterated that the government of President Najib Bukele put all his efforts to leave legacy with a successful model for fighting corruption. "The new enemies of society are corrupt and corrupters and we have to fight against them", He said Vice President.

Meanwhile, Andrés Salazar Van Epp, Political Affairs Officer UN, He mentioned that the mission to El Salvador seeks to understand the nature of the CICIES and as contemplated by the Government, and offer well from their experience, technical support for the implementation of the Commission.

The UN mission is led by representatives of the Department of Political Affairs and Peacebuilding (DPPA), and also included representatives of the Office of the High Commissioner of the United Nations Human Rights (OHCHR), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) and the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA).

The vice president was accompanied by Foreign Minister Alexandra Hill Tinoco, Geraldina Beneke deputy minister and Ambassador and Permanent Representative of El Salvador to the UN Egriselda López.