Ready the national surfers that will compete in the closing of the ALAS tour 2021

The closing of the ALAS Pro Tour 2021, will develop from 2 al 5 December at Punta Roca, Freedom. (Photo: Courtesy INDES).

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The Savior – The Salvadoran Surf Federation (Fesasurf) confirmed the national representation of 20 athletes (10 juvenile juveniles 18 years, 5 open male and 5 ladies) that will compete in the closing of the ALAS Pro Tour 2021, that will develop from 2 al 5 December at Punta Roca, Freedom.

Jose Diaz, president of Fesasurf, reported that “we have a total of 20 athletes for the Latin Pro Prime 6 Stars, in which we will have the best surfers in all of Latin America and that includes some athletes from North America ".

The federative also mentioned that the National Institute of Sports of El Salvador (INDES) has supported with the registration of athletes for their participation in the event, in which they seek to stay in a good position, and why not, with the title.

"The coaches Fernando Menjívar, Karlo Mejia, Samuel Arenívar are working very hard especially with juniors under 18 years and the girls, well we have a long-term plan, because they will be the next stars nationally and worldwide, that's our goal ", Diaz pointed out.

Regarding the open category, the leader mentioned that “they are boys with a lot of experience, we have had meetings with them, are preparing individually with their own coaches. We have talked and the goal is the same: raise the throne and that the flag of El Salvador is always mentioned and cataloged as a power of surfing ".

To date there are already more than 90 registered in this event, that will define the Latin champions in open men, open damas, longboard y junior.

The Salvadoran delegation is made up of, in male open: Bryan Pérez, Porfirio miranda, Samuel Arénivar, Manuel Rivas, Erickson Ortiz; in female open: Julissa Castillo, Star Castro, Fabiola Salmeron; and junior sub18: Marvin Rodriguez, Alejandro Martinez, German Gonzalez, Emerson Martinez, Carlos Herrera, Axel Eduardo, Edgar escobar, Jason molina, Brandon Mendoza; a longboard: Beloved of Jesús Alvarado and Gerardo Castro.

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