Lilian Tintori, Venezuelan opposition wife traveled to Spain

Photo: @liliantintori
For Recinos Kriscia

Lilian Tintori, wife of the opposition leader in Venezuela, Leopoldo Lopez is in Madrid, Spain, with her youngest daughter, According to information released by the Spanish government through a statement.

The López family was sheltered in the residence of the Spanish ambassador since the attempted military uprising against the Nicolás Maduro regime on 30 of April, the day that Leopoldo López was also released by soldiers who were guarding his house arrest. In Madrid, live the parents of Leopoldo López, who obtained Spanish nationality in 2015 and one of his sisters who resides in the European country since 2016.

Spain, like the United States and others 50 countries, recognizes Juan Guaidó as president in charge of Venezuela.

Guaidó, for his part, he referred to the departure from the country of Tintori, ensuring that the opposition leader is also on a humanitarian aid tour, but did not give more details about it.