Free presidents of El Salvador charges millionaire case of diversion of donations

By Carmen Rodriguez

The presidents of El Salvador Elias Antonio Saca and the late Francisco Flores, They were free from accusations by billionaire diversion of funds from several government grants Taiwan.

The case against ex-presidents and other public officials, lapsed became effective after the order of the Supreme Court of El Salvador, He dictated in March, the closure of all corruption investigations and prosecutions.

“It proceeded to declare the dismissal of criminal responsibility in favor of Messrs: Gerardo Antonio Balzaretti Kriete, Elias Antonio Saca, Wright Tennant Juan Castro and Jose Mauricio Felipe Samayoa”, It reads the document resolution of the case of the Second Chamber of the Criminal Court of San Salvador.

According to research and process, accused washed at least 10 millions of dollars, donations from various government made Taiwan, in 2001. The funds would be allocated to help victims of the earthquake that hit the Central American country that year.

According to the prosecution, much of those funds went to accounts rightist ARENA party, which then he held the presidential chair.

This resolution also ordered free of charge to the employee of the Casa Presidencial Salvadoran Pablo Gómez. But nevertheless, Gomez is being prosecuted in another case of embezzlement to the Salvadoran State, in which also it involved the former president Mauricio Funes.

While the former President Saca remain in prison, after being sentenced to ten years in prison, to deflect the least 300 million Salvadoran government and personal accounts ARENA.