Free and fearless

Several members of the Salvadoran community based in Sweden accompanied the Saturday afternoon LGTBI Pride Parade in Stockholm City. Today, They walked without fear and free, after reaching a country that accepts them are like. Hoping that your Motherland, there soon fairness and respect.

Ambassador of El Salvador in Sweden, Ana Echeverria (left) by the Salvadoran delegation attended the celebration of Pride 2019. Stockholm, Sweden. 3-8-2019. photo VD: Marlon Hernandez and Ana Maria Gonzalez.
By Diego Recinos

Sunny day and the heat that covered the Swedish capital, It was all I did emanate memories of his land, several Salvadorans who were awaiting the start of a march. Otherwise, it was all part of a dream utopia years ago. A place full of respect, love, equality, inclusion and joy.

The march begins its journey, comes alive, the music sounds in every corner of the streets where the sea of ​​people passing. There are greetings from the sidewalks and supportive smiles. Children, teenagers, Adults, dogs, elderly, women, Men of every race and religion, full color and class wave flags of diversity.

In the midst of this colorful carnival and music, is Maria Rivera, native of San Juan Opico, who has three years of living in Stockholm. "On behalf of all my friends I'm leaving today, because one day be free ". For her, Gone are the years of suffering and discrimination. But do not forget. "The situation is complicated in El Salvador, their rights are not respected, are included in, They are not treated as individuals, suffer. They kill them, They violate them and nobody does anything ", muses wistfully.

Mary's situation is less dramatic today, in a country that accepts and includes. "I feel happy because this is respected. In El Salvador, or you can talk or say anything and if you do, there may be consequences for you ".

Beside Mary, waving a blue and white flag, it is Ana Echeverria. Both are smiling and aware of how fortunate they are to walk in freedom and without fear of being raped by their support for the community. "The Swedish state is very open, their policies are respectful towards the rights of the community. We want to give visibility and show our solidarity and respect ". A sea change what lived in their small Central American country. "In the Salvadoran society there is a lot of discrimination. In daily life, on the street, in the workplace, in the study centers. We forget that we are all citizens, we all have rights".

Ana Echeverria, as Ambassador of El Salvador in Sweden, He has seen firsthand many cases of Salvadorans who have sought asylum and protection in Nordic soil. "There are several cases of discrimination and have been for humanitarian asylum. There are organizations and support you ". But nevertheless, He is aware that to combat the problem, changes are needed within the collective consciousness of Salvadoran society. "We as a family we build unity, inclusion, not to mistreat people ".

While the parade marches on, more Salvadorans join the caravan. Others, They accompany from sidewalks and other, Many, who could not attend, They dream of a more civilized and inclusive society.