17 August, 2022

LG relaunches its mask with air purifier and built-in microphone

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The LG company designed a futuristic mask that is capable of purifying the air and uses high technology. Prices are not yet known, but they reported that it is called PuriCare, will be launched in August in Thailand and promises to become a trend due to its high effectiveness.

Before starting the sale, the company must obtain permission from local regulatory bodies and they ensure that the item will not only be used for use during the pandemic, rather, it allows you to protect yourself from widespread air pollution.

The mask was presented a few months ago, but no details were yet available on when the sale would begin, It is known to contain air filters that are replaceable and built-in fans that allow the air to be effectively filtered.

The version presented by LG has a smaller and lighter engine than the one that was known in 2020, plus a microphone and speakers that amplify the voice of the person using it.

The latest technology called VoiceOn recognizes when the user is speaking and improves it allows this to be amplified.